Inspired Web Design Port Macquarie Services

Our specialisation

  • Web Design

    We focus on developing professional, affordable, user-friendly, cost-effective websites for small-medium sized businesses, organisations charity groups or individuals, offering a range of website packages which would be most suitable to your needs. We use the latest in web standards and technology to ensure that your website is secure, appealing, and fully functional.

  • Copywriting

    In operating a business or organisation, most of our clients don’t have the time to write content for their website. At Inspired Web Design we provide copywriting as a service, delivering professional, well-written website content which is appealing to visitors. We use key-wording in website content in order to optimise online search engine ranking for your website.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Ensure high-ranking website placement in the search results, by submitting your website to search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO features will include page titles, meta data and body content on your website. Other features may include online advertising via Google Adwords and other forms of paid online advertising.

  • Social Networking

    Help promote your business or organisation by setting up business based Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

  • Email Marketing

    Create mailing lists and send out bulk email promotions to notify your customers of  new products or information on offer by your business. Track your email campaign by receiving trend reporting, track opens, clicks, forwards, and subscriptions. Will also integrate with Google Analytics in order to track your email links.

  • Web Analytics

    Features of Web Analytics, include collection, activity measurement, analysis and reporting of web data, to understand  how visitors are interacting with your website, social media and more. This in turn assists with optimising web usage.

  • Website Hosting

    The website hosting service we provide, acts as a fast platform, allowing for fast web page loading times. The servers we use are reliable, with high performance and level of scalability, optimising quick website speeds.

  • eCommerce Website

    An eCommerce website enables you to sell digital goods, physical products and services online. Inspired Web Design design beautiful, well-structured, secure and easy-to-use online stores. Main features of an eCommerce website include customer account registration and login, popular products, display featured products, special offers, wish-list, social sharing buttons, store locator, postage details, an integrated shopping cart, secure checkout and more.

  • Website Maintenance

    On a regular basis, Inspired Web Design will monitor your website and administer any security or plug-in updates, fix page errors, rectify any broken hyperlinks, perform a full system back-up and more.

  • Website Security

    Your website will be scanned daily for any hidden virus attacks or malware threats. Any such threats will be instantly and automatically removed once detected, in order to protect your website from being hacked.